Facts, Myths & FAQ

Test your knowledge (True or False):


3. False. This is used for Adults only. Children primarily have breathing issues.

4. True. Men receive bystander CPR 45% of the time vs women 39%

5. True. Keeps your hands free to provide CPR and use an AED

13. False. Deceased people vomit, this is not a sign of life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: The AHA has transitioned to all Ecards. After claiming your Ecard, you will have an option to print a wallet size version. Please call the office for questions or concerns.

A: Please call our office to receive your course link and schedule your practice/skills check. Skills sessions are approximately 45 – 75 minutes in length.

A: To maintain or receive your teaching credential you must complete adult, child and infant CPR. Otherwise child and infant CPR is optional. AED training is included with this program.

A: Daytime courses receive Ecards on the day of the program. Evening courses receive Ecards the next morning.

A: Registration can be completed over the phone with our office.

A: The only program that requires a written, multiple choice open resource exam is the BLS Provider course.

A: Invite a group of friends and/or family members to your house or to our location and we teach them how to save a life. It’s a fun, socially relaxed atmosphere.

A: We sell portable first aid kits and 2 types of CAOSHA personal barriers for rescue breathing. Price range is $10.00-$25.00.

A: The American Heart Association requires participants to have the most current manual available before, during and after the program. If you have a current manual with the latest guidelines, you do not need to purchase another manual.

A: Group classes are scheduled at our clients convenience. In addition we have instructors that conduct individual training. Please call the office for available dates and times.

A: Payments can be made with all major debit or credit cards, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Money Order, cash, or a check. Payment is due at the time of registration; we do not accept payment at the time of the class. Please call the office if you have any questions regarding payments.